What is the exact answer to 30,321 divided by 46?


Answer 1
Answer: The exact answer is 659.1521
Answer 2
Answer: 30,321÷46=659.152173913

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Your brother works for a company that cleans and paints the outside of houses at a rate of $35 per hour. The company charges a flat rate of $500 for their supplies. The equation f(x) = 500 + 35x represents this scenario. What does the variable "x" represent in this equation?


Within the condition f(x) = 500 + 35x, the variable, "f(x)" speaks to the total cost "500" is the settled supply cost, and "35x" compares to the labor fetched based on the number of hours worked ("x").

What does the variable "x" represent in this equation?

Within the condition f(x) = 500 + 35x:

The variable "f(x)" speaks to the total cost of the benefit, counting both labor and supplies.

"x" speaks to the number of hours worked by your brother.

The condition shows that the overall taken toll (f(x)) is calculated by adding the level rate for supplies ($500) to the taken toll of labor, which is $35 per hour, which taken toll depends on the number of hours worked ("x").

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Step-by-step explanation:

Since it says 500+35x, then x is the number hours he will work

The answer is the number of hours.

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Step-by-step explanation:

I can’t find the answer tried twice probably easy for others


Answer: y=-x-2

Slope intercept form is written as y=mx+b, with m being the slope and b being the y intercept.

The slope is negative one. To find the slope, use the formula y1-y2/x1-x2. When you substitute, you may get -4-1/2-(-3). When you solve it, you get -5/5, or -1.

To find the y intercept, look where the line crosses the y axis (vertical line). In the graph, it crosses as -2. Substitute these numbers into the equation and you get y=-1x-2 which can be simplified to y=-x-2.

Using the diagram below, what is the measure of ZE?




Step-by-step explanation:

Think of line AE as a transversal. with DE and AB cutting across it. If we draw it out, looking at the picture, we can see that angles A and E correspond, meaning that angle A = angle E = 50

Which expression is equal to “7 times the sum of a number and 4"?


Answer: 7 (x+4)

Step-by-step explanation: Since the expression asks for 7 times the sum of a number and 4, you would put x + 4 in parentheses since multiplying 7 comes afterwards.

Translate the word phrase into an algebraic expression: sixteen times the sum of 10p and seventeen


The word phrase "sixteen times the sum of 10p and seventeen" can be translated into the following algebraic expression 16(10p + 17)

The word "sum" means that we add 10p and 17. The word "times" means that we multiply the sum by 16.

Therefore, the algebraic expression 16(10p + 17) represents the phrase "sixteen times the sum of 10p and seventeen".

Here is a step-by-step translation:

Break the phrase "sixteen times the sum of 10p and seventeen" into smaller parts.

Translate each part into an algebraic expression.

Combine the algebraic expressions into a single expression.

The translated expression is 16(10p + 17).

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I think the expression is 16(10p+17)