Which of the following resulted from the palmer raids of 1919 and 2020


Answer 1
Answer: the formation of the American Civil Liberties Union

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Which best explains how globalization offers an advantage to businesses?Businesses can take advantage of favorable laws to make products cheaply.Businesses can take advantage of favorable taxes to make products cheaply.Businesses can take advantage of new forms of technology to make products cheaply.Businesses can take advantage of new forms of democracy to make products cheaply
How did Enlightenment philosophers influence the Founding Fathers of American governmenta. They provided the religious basis for representative democracy.b. They formed new ideas on monarchy and the role of the king in government.c. Because Enlightenment philosophers advocated for the absolute power of kings, the Founding Fathers sought to ensure that America remained loyal to the British Crown.d. They provided the ideas of natural rights, government by consent, and separation of powers, which promote the greatest possible liberty for the people.
What countriesdoes Chileborder on amap?

As British and American forces moved through Italy in 1943, General Eisenhower


During the 1943 invasion of Italy, General Eisenhower was a leading force who was behind the general invasion. He was an important force during the war who dictated how the American army was running the war in Italy. 
He began to plan the invasion of Normandy of the northern France through Aerial and amphibious invasion. It was known as the largest amphibious invasion in the history

How do ideologies shape actions in genocides?


If you think about the holocaust, hitler idealised the Aryan race without people with disabilities, mental illnesses or "non-German" ideas. He also wanted everyone to follow the Nazi regime and everyone who didn't follow was killed. So therefore his perpetrators cooperated as they didn't want to be killed themselves. Also the use of propaganda where people are promised the perfect life aids participation.

Americans who supported the war were called what?


the answer to your question is PATRIOTS because they supported the war.

The __________________ required Cuba amend its constitution to grant the U.S. certain rights and powers as well as give the U.S. control over a naval base at Guantanamo Bay.Bayonet Constitution

Platt Amendment

Open Door Policy


It's B the Platt Amendment

It's Open Door Policy

Which of the following arguments serves to counter the notion that European culture is inherently more suited to industry and technology?Europe's early industrialization relied almost exclusively on slave labor from Africa.In 1750, core areas of Europe and Asia enjoyed similar levels of economic development.Europeans today lag far behind the United States in terms of industry and technology.Non-European civilizations have made valuable contributions to world history in music and cuisine.



B: In 1750, core areas of Europe and Asia enjoyed similar levels of economic development

When economists use the term "laissez-faire," what economic idea are they referring to?A. Government plays an important role in regulating the economy.
B. Individuals are inefficient at making sound economic decisions.
C. Government should not interfere with business practices.
D. Individuals cannot independently run large corporations.


When economists use the term "laissez-faire," they are referring to the idea that "C. Government should not interfere with business practices", since this term implies a "hands off" approach to the economy. 

Answer:  C. Government should not interfere with business practices.

Further detail:

The terminology of "laissez-faire" has been used in economics since the 18th century Enlightenment era.  "Laissez-faire" is French for "let do."  You can think of it as letting the economy do its own thing, without governments trying to interfere with it or control it.  This was an idea promoted by the Physiocrats in 18th century France.  They called themselves "Physiocrats" (those who believed in "rule by nature") because they thought trade and commerce should be allowed to proceed naturally.

The Scottish philosopher Adam Smith picked up on this idea also and promoted a capitalist economy in opposition to what he called a "mercantilist" economy where governments gave monopolies to certain merchants and tried to control business affairs.