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Step-by-step explanation:

If BD is an altitude, it splits triangle ABC into 2 triangles.  It is also a median, so it splits the angle ABC into 2 congruent angles.  Angle ABD and CBD are congruent.  That means that angles A and C are congruent. This is true because the 2 angles at D are both right angles.  Because of this, side AB and side CB are congruent.  That means that this is an isosceles triangle.  

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(PLEASE ANSWER + BRAINLIEST ANSWER!!)The sector of a circle shown to the left has its center at point O. The arc XYZ has length 10.8, and the central angle XOZ has measure 1.8 radians. What is the radius length, r, of the sector?A. √12B. 6C. 50/3D. 19.44
What are the roots of the polynomial equation x^3-7x=6x-12? a. –6, 6 b. –4, 1, 3 c. –3, –1, 4 d. 1, 3
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Solve for n: 6n+12=12

Which represents the polynomial written in standard form?

4m – 2m4 – 6m2 + 9


If you would like to write the polynomial in standard form, you can do this like this:

4m - 2m^4 - 6m^2 + 9

Writing the polynomial in standard form means that you have to write the terms by descending degree:
- 2m^4 - 6m^2 + 4m + 9

The correct result would be - 2m^4 - 6m^2 + 4m + 9.

An equation which represents the polynomial written in standard form is 2m⁴ - 6m² + 4m + 9.

What is a polynomial?

A polynomial can be defined as a mathematicalexpression which is comprises intermediates (variables), constants and exponents with different numerical value, that are typically combined by using mathematical operations such as:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication

In this scenario, the polynomial would be written in standard form by rearranging it in descending degree of exponents:

2m⁴ - 6m² + 4m + 9.

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The price of play equipment for the school has just been reduced by 25%. The new , reduced price of the play equipment is 1500. What is the original price before the reduction?


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you multiply 1500×.25=275.00+1500=1775

Final answer:

The original price of the play equipment is $2000, if the price of it has been reduced by 25% to become $1500.


This question is about calculating the original price of a product considering a discount percentage. If the reduced price of the play equipment is $1500 after a 25% discount, to find the original price, you need to consider the reduced price as 75% of the original price (since the price is reduced by 25% from the original).

Therefore, you can set up the equation like this: 0.75 × original price = $1500. To find the original price, divide both sides of the equation by 0.75. The calculation would be $1500 / 0.75 = $2000. Thus, the original price of the play equipment is $2000.

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Find the exact Solution of x.x^2 = 16

A)x = 4
B)x = -4
C)x = ±4
D)No Solution


x^(2) = 16

First, take the square root to both sides. 
x = ±√(16)
Second, now we have 4 × 4 which is 16, meaning the square root of 16 is 4. 
x = ±4
Third, there are two solutions. 
-4 \n and \n 4
Fourth, since we have two values, it is reasonable to use the plus-minus sign to indicate there is a positive and a negative solution.

Answer: C) x = ±4

x^2 = 16
x = √16
x = 4.
so the answer is A. x = 4.

I need help with this please!Solve | 8x | ≥ 32
Select the appropriate response
A) x≥5
B) x≥7
C) x≥4
D) x≥9



C) x≥4  and  x   ≤ -4

Step-by-step explanation:

| 8x | ≥ 32

To remove the absolute values, we get two equations, one positive and one negative

8x ≥ 32         and     8x   ≤ -32

Divide each side by 8

8x/8 ≥ 32/8         and     8x/8   ≤ -32/8

x ≥ 4        and           x   ≤ -4

Suppose you roll a number cube. What is the theoretical probability of rolling a 2


Answer:  (1)/(6)

Step-by-step explanation:

We know that a cube has six faces , if we roll a cube then we have chances to roll six different faces  with six different number if it is not biased.

Let the number on cube be  1,2,3,4,5,6.

Thus total outcomes = 6

Then the theoretical probability of rolling a 2 is given by :-

P(2)=\frac{\text{favorable outcome}}{\text{total outcomes}}\n\n\Rightarrow\ P(2)=(1)/(6)

if theres six sides to the dices then the answer will be 1/6 

Perform the indicated operation and write in standard form 5i+(-9-i)


Since the sign before the parentheses is a + , we can just remove the parentheses.

5i + (-9 - i) = 5i - 9 - i = -9 + 4i

5i+(-9-i)=\n 5i-9-i=\n -9+4i