Passes through (-6,5) and parallel to 2x-3y=12


Answer 1
Answer: Steps:
1. Do the point slope form
Y-5=2(x + 6)
Y-5=2x +12
2. Now you add 5 to the number 12
3. Your answer is
Y=2x +17

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the probability of getting an even number (but not 0) is 4/10using a game spinner. the denominator of the probability is


Answer: The total number of outcomes.

Step-by-step explanation:Apex

10 because the ratio is    4/10 and the bottom number is the denominator

How do i solve this problem 4s -12 = -5s + 51 


4s-12=-5s+51\ \ \ \ /+12\n\n4s-12+12=-5s+51+12\n\n4s=-5s+63\ \ \ /+5s\n\n4s+5s=-5s+5s+63\n\n9s=63\ \ \ /:9\n\n9s:9=63:9\n\ns=7
  +12=     +12
+5s =+5s

NAFTA created a free market and common currency in Europe. True or false? User: Which statement below is an accurate summary of a multinational corporation?a. A corporation that has branches and business partners all over the world
c. A corporation that sells its products in more than one country
b. A corporation that follows the laws in more than one country.
d. A corporation that started in one country and then moved its business to another country


The "NA" in NAFTA stands for "North American". That agreement doesn't involve any European countries. ... A multinational corporation is one that has branches and business partners in several different countries.

Solve using substitution.


4b-4=3b+3 -- subtract 3b from both sides
b-4=3 -- add 4 to both sides

Substitute b into equation 2


24=24 -- True.
Put a=b-1 in the above equation 
4(b-1) = 3b+3 
open the brackets 
4b - 4 = 3b + 3 
collect B-terms together on one side 
4b - 3b = 3+4 
b = 7

Which is longer 4000 ft or 1 kilometer?


4,000 feet is around 1.2192 km which is more than 1 km. So 4000 feet is longer.

What is 3- 6/7 as an improper fraction ?? please help


the improper fraction is 27/7

To convert the mixed number 3 6/7 to an improper fraction, we need to combine the whole number part with the fractional part.

First, multiply the whole number (3) by the denominator (7), which gives us 21. Then, add the numerator (6) to get 27.

Next, write the sum (27) as the numerator and keep the denominator (7) the same. The resulting improper fraction is 27/7.

This means that there are 27 parts (numerator) out of 7 equal parts (denominator). The improper fraction emphasizes the total number of parts beyond a whole number.

Converting the mixed number 3 6/7 to the improper fraction 27/7 allows for easier mathematical operations and comparisons with other fractions.

Therefore, the improper fraction is 27/7

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you have to times the denominator and the whole number then add the numerator