Sally sold 1000987 hot dogs 3 years how many will she sell in 6 years


Answer 1
Answer: so 1000987 in 3 years or 1000987:3 or i like to put it as 1000987:3 
we notice that 6 is 2 times of 3 so we just multiply 1000987:3 by 2 and get 2001974:6
2001974 in 6 years

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Step-by-step explanation:



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Please help I'm desperate...Solve the systems:

a. y=50+3x


b. x+3y=9


Thanks for helping

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the first step that isn’t show here is expressing the system in standard form. I assumed you would already know how to do that so I didn’t include it
As for the second system, I’d be happy to give you a solution for that as well, but I can only post one photo per question so you would have to post it again :)
I recommend you use the app photomath you just have to take a picture of your exercise.

One health club charges a $50 sign-up fee and $65 per month. James spends a total of $635 for his gym membe Write an equation that will determine the number of months, m, James had his membership


Answer: James had his gym membership for approximately 9 months.

Step-by-step explanation: To determine the number of months, m, James had his membership, we can set up an equation based on the given information.

The total cost of James' gym membership consists of two parts: the sign-up fee of $50 and the monthly fee of $65 multiplied by the number of months, m.

Therefore, the equation is:

Total cost = Sign-up fee + Monthly fee * Number of months

In this case, the total cost is $635, the sign-up fee is $50, and the monthly fee is $65. We want to find the number of months, which we will represent as m.

Plugging in the values, the equation becomes:

635 = 50 + 65m

Simplifying further:

635 - 50 = 65m

585 = 65m

To solve for m, we can divide both sides of the equation by 65:

m = 585 / 65

Calculating this division, we find:

m ≈ 9

A software company is releasing one of their products on a CD. The manufacturer charges a $5,500 setup fee and $1.00 per CD. Approximately how many CDs must be produced so that the total cost per CD is $5.50? A) 1,222 CDs
B) 2,200 CDs
C) 1,571 CDs
D) 5,500 CDs


set-up fee 5,500
variable fee 1 per CD.

Cost per CD is $5.50

5.50 - 1= 4.50

5,500 / 4.50 = 1,222 CDs Choice A.

1*1,222 = 1,222
1,222 + 5,500 = 6,722
6,722/1,222 = 5.50


It is actually 2,200, which is option B. I originally put option A but it said it was incorrect and told m eit was 2,200. I hope i was able to help ;)

Step-by-step explanation:

Sally is 54 years old and her mother is 80, how many years ago was Sally’s mother times her age?



41 years ago, when Sally was 13 and her mother was 39.

Step-by-step explanation: I've heard this question b4

Solve the linear equation for x

-4.8(6.3x-4.18) =-58.56





Step-by-step explanation:

Isolate the variable by dividing each side by factors that don't contain the variable.