What does the narrator allude to at the end of this sentence from Mark Twain's "The 1,000,000 Bank-Note"? "So I loved her all the more, seeing she could be so cheerful when there wasn't anything to be cheerful about; for I might soon need that kind of wife, you know, the way things looked." A) the possibility of Adams having to leave the country to escape his creditors B) the possibility of requiring a wife who could match Adams social standards C) the possibility of Adams failure and having a lot of debt to repay D) the possibility of Adams taking up permanent residence in London


Answer 1

In this short story by Mark Twain, the main protagonist is put on a bet which the story revolves around. This excerpt is towards the end of the story. Actually, there is no metaphor and the given excerpt describes a real situation. Therefore, the correct answer is "B) the possibility of requiring a wife who could match Adams social standards." The narrator tells that "nothing to be cheerful about" since he became a millionaire unexpectedly and with "that kind of woman" he points out to the woman for his own standards.

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WHICH PROCESS OCCURS WHEN OCEAN WAVES DROP SEASHELLS ON A BEACH? condensation deposition classification or rotation


The answer is deposition. Condensation is water vapor in the air that has turned into water. Classification is basically putting things into categories or giving them a broad label. Rotation is pretty much self explanatory. The definition of deposition is the depositing of materials on to the sand/beach by the ocean.

Tris Imboden has drummed for Stevie Wonder and Julio Iglesias however, most know him as the drummer in the band Chicago. What is wrong with the sentence? The ideas are not coordinate. It lacks parallel structure. It has an incorrect conjunctive adverb. A semicolon should precede the conjunctive adverb.


A semicolon should precede the conjunctive adverb.

The conjunctive adverb is "however". It joins two complete ideas: "Tris Imboden has drummed for Stevie Wonder and Julio Iglesias" and "most know him as the drummer in the band Chicago". When a conjunctive adverb is used for two complete phrases, a semicolon needs to precede the conjunctive adverb. The conjunctive adverb is correct because it is showing how people's knowledge of Tris Imboden is often not complete.

How does she perceive otherpeople such as the operators, police
sergeant, and hospital workers?



Mrs. Stevenson becomes more and more irritated that people do not understand her


Mrs. Stevenson is a lady who is disabled in her bed and only has the telephone within her reach. She is totally flustered and nervous and realizes that she could be the person who is gonna be killed.

What does the use of words such as "welfare and " justice in the preamble show?A.personificatión


I believe preamble was created to be able to give the people a correct justice and welfare.
Thus, this words are used as personification.
because this was referred to a person. 
A person needs right welfare and justice that's why they pushed this preamble to be able to give the people what they deserve to have. And to be able to have an equal society for prosperous country.

The correct answer is actually B Diction

This has been the strangest week of my life exclamatory, exclamation point
imperative, exclamation point
interrogative, period
declarative, period <

please tell me if i'm right or wrong then i can fix my answer if i'm wrong



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Questions with the word "how" in it allow the reader to understand what is happening in a given situation.

Hope this helped