Which sentence is capitalized correctly? Ouch! that rose bush is loaded with thorns. Ouch! That Rose Bush is loaded with thorns. ouch! That rose bush is loaded with thorns. Ouch! That rose bush is loaded with thorns.


Answer 1


Ouch! That rose bush is loaded with thorns.


We need to capitalize the first word of a sentence. Therfore, both the words "ouch" and "that" should be capitalized. No other words need capitalization in this sentence. We would not capitalize rose bush, because it is not a proper noun. It is just a common noun.

Answer 2
Answer: Last sentence. Is this question really for high school English?

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b. embarassment,


It is not correct to write "embarassment" because this word has two letters "R", being the right form of spelling "embarrassment".

It is important to know how to spell words correctly, because screening correctly not only facilitates communication between people, but also helps you develop your writing skills. Added to the habit of writing well, reading also helps in contacting different types of texts for different purposes, discovering new words and expressions and forming ideas to form well-founded arguments in the essays.

The word "embarassment," is spelled incorrectly. It is incorrect to write "embarrassment" since the correct spelling is "embarrassment" with two letters "R," hence option B is correct.

It is critical to know how to spell words correctly because it not only facilitates interpersonal contact but also helps you strengthen your writing skills.

Reading, when combined with the practice of writing well, aids in contacting many types of texts for various purposes, discovering new terms and expressions, and formulating thoughts to construct well-founded arguments in essays.

Thus, the word "embarassment," is spelled incorrectly, option B is correct.

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I believe the correct answer is B. "an does not need a capital.