What should be the guiding factor for a designer when using colors in a garment?


Answer 1
Answer: You could use a colour wheel to make sure the colours suit one another. 
You could ask for opinions.
You could make the patterns and their matching colours originally.

What I would do personally would be to find a colour wheel and choose colours for a shirt/skirt/etc depending on what design the garment was and the shape and size. For example, if it were a mini skirt, I would more than likely choose a solid colour. If it were a longer skirt with - say - polka dots, I would choose two colours that compliment one another like blue and orange, or green and red.
Answer 2
Answer: That you patters don't clash or your fabrics make sur it somthing original

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Theater Critic: The play La Finestrina, now at Central Theater, was written in Italy in the eighteenth century. The director claims that this production is as similar to the original production as is possible in a modern theater. Although the actor who plays Harlequin the clown gives a performance very reminiscent of the twentieth-century American comedian Groucho Marx, Marx’s comic style was very much within the comic acting tradition that had begun in sixteenth-century Italy.The considerations given best serve as part of an argument that

(A) modern audiences would find it hard to tolerate certain characteristics of a historically accurate performance of an eighteenth-century play

(B) Groucho Marx once performed the part of the character Harlequin in La Finestrina

(C) in the United States the training of actors in the twentieth century is based on principles that do not differ radically from those that underlay the training of actors in eighteenth-century Italy

(D) the performance of the actor who plays Harlequin in La Finestrina does not serve as evidence against the director’s claim

(E) the director of La Finestrina must have advised the actor who plays Harlequin to model his performance on comic performances of Groucho Marx


Answer: I would contend that the right answer is the (D) the performance of the actor who plays Harlequin in La Finestrina does not serve as evidence against the director’s claim.

Explanation: Since the director’s claim is that his modern production is "as similar to the original production (18th century) as possible," and even though the performance of the actor recalls that of 20th-century American comedian Groucho Marx, the fact that Marx's comic style was actually inspired by the Italian comic acting tradition—begun in the sixteenth-century—serves to support the argument that the actor's performance cannot be used as evidence against the director’s claim. Quite the opposite, that performance, if only indirectly, supports that claim.    

Which of the following answer choices contains a metaphora.his skin was sandpaper b. the sun sparked like a diamond c.she wanted to be like the birds and fly away d. they felt free when they ran through the doors


A metaphor often uses the word "like" to compare two things that actually have nothing in common, to create an image. The answer would be B. 

Modern designers preferred a clean, sparse look. Which 1929 design was inspired by ancient Egyptian folding chairs?


The chair Rex was actually designed in 1929 inspired by ancient Egyptian folding chairs. The mechanism of this chair found worldwide appreciation because of its brilliant mechanism.  This chair was actually designed by a person named Nico Kralj. This wooden chair design has been included in Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York. The design of this chair was actually based on the Egyptian design and due to this reason the chair Rex has reached the fame that it actually deserved.

for plato-the Barcelona chair