Which group of words is a sentence fragment? A. Wolves are wild animals. B. Wolves and dogs are close relatives. C. A wolf can run up to 40 miles a day. D. As all dogs on Earth are related to wolves.


Answer 1
Answer: D

Because it doesn't tell us the what is happening. It just tells us a part of the the detail.

Hope it helped!
Answer 2
Answer: D. because its just telling part of the detail

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TRUE or FALSE. You will be able to use the same criteria to make every decision.
Which details from "The Grasshopper and the Bell Cricket" allow the reader to infer that the narrator is an observer and outsider? A. "At the base of the embankment was a bobbing cluster of beautiful varicolored lanterns . . ."B. "Cutting out the back and front of a small carton and papering it, he placed a candle on the bottom and fastened a string to the top."C. "Different from the painted-over red lanterns, others (made of thick cutout cardboard) had their designs drawn upon the paper windows . . ."D. "Wide-eyed, I loitered near them."
The African colony of Palmares was located in this country. Nigeria Angola Mali Brazil
Tammy ( saw, seen) the mouse in a pile of leaves.
What Are the Rules of Haiku?

Write a subtraction fact with the same difference as 16-7


You can explain this subtraction from many different aspects. One of them could be just working with these given numbers when we increase them proportionally, final answer also increases proportionally. For example,

16 - 7 = 9


160 - 70 = 90

If we add the final results to the subtracted number, we will get the number itself. For example,

16 - 7 = 9

16 = 7+ 9

not hard at all

16 - 7 = 9

so you can mean difference as a percentage of the original statement, as in 160 - 7 = 90

or, just plain simple 9 difference, as in 10 - 1 = 9, or 100 - 91 = 9

To make sense of blank verse, you must


Blank verse is a literary device where verses do not rhyme.

To fully understand or make sense of blank verse, you must read the sentence as a whole regardless of the placement of the punctuation. 

Which sentence is the correctly written compound sentence?a. The Statue of Liberty is located on a small, uninhabited island called Liberty Island.
b. Liberty Island is a small, uninhabited island where the Statue of Liberty is located.
c. Liberty Island is a small, uninhabited island, it is best known as the location of the Statue of Liberty.
d. Liberty Island is a small, uninhabited island, but it is best known as the location of the Statue of Liberty.


Since a compound sentence consists of at least two independent clauses usually connected with a conjunction, the correct answer is D. Because there are two independent clauses: 1. Liberty Island is a small, uninhabited island, + but + 2. it is best known as the location of the Statue of Liberty. It is the only correctly written compound sentence, because of BUT.
The correct compound sentence is C. Liberty Island is a small, uninhabited island, it is best known as the location of the Statue of Liberty.

Three of the following statements about a verb are true. Which statement is false?A. A verb takes the place of adjectives.
B. A verb can express a state of being.
C. A verb can express action.
D. A verb makes a statement about the subject of a sentence.


The false statement is the first one: an adjective gives some information about the noun, but  not an action of the entity that the noun expresses.

The other options actions are correct. This is shown by the fact that "exists" satisfies options B, "runs" option C and "runs" in "girl runs" option D.

Use the paragraphs to complete the activity. Patrick lived in Emoryville, but every Saturday morning he rode two city buses to his uncle’s bookstore in Northview where he worked. He didn’t mind the commute because he loved his job. He loved spending time with his uncle, but he also loved going to work because he had become friends with Andrew, one of his co-workers. The boys would talk about everything from baseball scores to movies to favorite pizza toppings.

So this Saturday, when Patrick got to work, he and Andrew got to talking as they always did.

“Hey, Pat,” Andrew said casually.

“Hey,” said Patrick. “Did you have a good week?”

“Yeah,” he said. “Great week. My basketball team made it into the semifinals. The game is tonight. We’re playing Emoryville, our nemesis.”

Before Patrick could say another word, Andrew continued. “I don’t like Emoryville. I don’t think I could ever be friends with someone from that town. Our schools are such rivals.”

Patrick was speechless.

“Where are you from, Pat? I can’t believe I’ve never asked you that before!”

Patrick fumbled over his words. “Not too far from here,” he said before he quickly changed the subject to the new shipment of graphic novels.

Suppose Patrick's uncle enters the scene. In 3–5 sentences, explain how the additional point of view might add humor or suspense to the scene.

(4 points)



Maybe his uncles presence can cause Patrick to feel uncomtarble or his uncle could say where he really comes from and cause maybe a chaos. For some reason Patrick really won't say where he comes from so this gives the reader the idea tat where he lives may not be the best place in town, or where he lives is not really a proper place to live.


The role of any type of modifier is to________.A initiate
B abbreviate
C describe
D connect


I suppose it's neither. However, your best choice would be 'describe' as the role of any modifier is to limit or to qualify the sense of another word, phrase or even clause. An "[army] vehicle" is a good example to express what a modifier/qualifier is.