the sales tax in Illinois is 6.25%. about how much will a pair of jeans that has a ticket price of $48.99 cost, including sales tax?


Answer 1

Cost of the pair of jeans = $48.99

Sales tax = 6.25%

Total cost = $48.99+6.25%

                 = $49.05

Therefore, the total cost including sales tax is $49.05

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Use integration by parts to integrate sin2x between pi and 0



\displaystyle \int\limits^0_(\pi) {\sin (2x)} \, dx = 0

General Formulas and Concepts:



  • Integrals

Integration Rule [Fundamental Theorem of Calculus 1]:                                     \displaystyle \int\limits^b_a {f(x)} \, dx = F(b) - F(a)

Integration Property [Multiplied Constant]:                                                         \displaystyle \int {cf(x)} \, dx = c \int {f(x)} \, dx


Step-by-step explanation:

Step 1: Define


\displaystyle \int\limits^0_(\pi) {\sin (2x)} \, dx

Step 2: Integrate Pt. 1

Identify variables for u-substitution.

  1. Set u:                                                                                                             \displaystyle u = 2x
  2. [u] Differentiate:                                                                                             \displaystyle du = 2 \ dx
  3. [Bounds] Switch:                                                                                           \displaystyle \left \{ {{x = 0 ,\ u = 2(0) = 0} \atop {x = \pi ,\ u = 2 \pi}} \right.

Step 3: Integrate Pt. 2

  1. [Integral] Rewrite [Integration Property - Multiplied Constant]:                 \displaystyle \int\limits^0_(\pi) {\sin (2x)} \, dx = (1)/(2) \int\limits^0_(\pi) {2 \sin (2x)} \, dx
  2. [Integral] U-Substitution:                                                                               \displaystyle \int\limits^0_(\pi) {\sin (2x)} \, dx = (1)/(2) \int\limits^0_(2 \pi) {\sin u} \, du
  3. Trigonometric Integration:                                                                           \displaystyle \int\limits^0_(\pi) {\sin (2x)} \, dx = (1)/(2)(-\cos u) \bigg| \limits^0_(2 \pi)
  4. Evaluate [Integration Rule - Fundamental Theorem of Calculus 1]:          \displaystyle \int\limits^0_(\pi) {\sin (2x)} \, dx = (1)/(2)(0)
  5. Simplify:                                                                                                         \displaystyle \int\limits^0_(\pi) {\sin (2x)} \, dx = 0

Topic: AP Calculus AB/BC (Calculus I/I + II)

Unit: Integration

How many terms are in the expression shown below?a2 - ab + 8b + b2 - 1


a² - ab + 8b + b² - 1

There are 5 terms in the expression. 
a² = 1st term
ab = 2nd term
8b = 3rd term
b² = 4th term
1 = 5th term

Each term is separated by a plus (+) sign or a minus (-) sign.

A term is either a number, a variable, or a number and a variable multiplied together.

a², ab, b² are variables.
8b is a number and a variable multiplied together
1 is a number.



Step-by-step explanation:

Patrick wants to estimate the number of rabbits on his university campus. One day he catches 25 rabbits. He puts a tag on each rabbit. He then releases the rabbits back onto the university campus. The next day he catches 16 rabbits. 5 of the rabbits he catches on the second day have a tag on them. Assuming that there is a fixed population size for the rabbits and that he catches the rabbits in a random way, work out an estimate for the total number of rabbits on the university campus.



Step-by-step explanation:because , first it was 16 , and the next day was 25 , so 16 +25 it’s 51 , in this case 5 don’t care

The following two-way table shows the data for the students of two different grades in a school:Based on the relative row frequency, the students of which grade are more likely to be members of the science club?
Grade 7
Grade 8
The students of both grades are equally likely to be members of the science club
No conclusion can be drawn about the chances of a student being a member of the science club


The correct answer is Grade 7. In Grade 7, 20/22 students were in the science club, while in Grade 8, 20/28 students were in science club. If we simplify these fractions and get a least common denominator, we can compare them to see which is larger.

Grade 7 = 10/11
Grade 8 = 5/7

Now that we've simplified the fractions, let's find a common denominator for both. In this case, I'm going to use 77.

Grade 7 = 70/77
Grade 8 = 55/77

Since 70 is greater than 55, it is more likely that the Grade 7 students will be in the science club.

Hope this helps!


grade 7

Step-by-step explanation:

I traveled 117 miles in 2.25 hours. What was my average speed? How would I solve this ?


117 miles in 2.25 hours

Divide both numbers by 2.25

52 miles per hour

You just divide 117 in 2.25 and you will get a answer of.... 52MPH 

A square pyramid is shown:A square pyramid is shown. The sides of the square base are labeled 0.5 foot. The height of one of the triangular sides is labeled 9 feet.

What is the surface area of the pyramid?

2.5 square feet
5.25 square feet
9.25 square feet
1.5 square feet


The surface area of the square pyramid is 9.25 square feet.

What is square pyramid?

"A three-dimensional geometric shape that has a square base and four triangular sides that are joined at a vertex."

What is the surface area of square pyramid?

"It is the sum of all the surfaces of the pyramid."

For given question,

We have been given a square pyramid.

The sides of the square base are labeled 0.5 foot.

So, the area of the square base would be,

\Rightarrow A_1=(0.5)^2\n\n\Rightarrow A_1=0.25

The height of one of the triangular sides is labeled 9 feet.

And the base of the triangular side is the side of square.

So, the length of the triangular base is 0.5 ft.

So, the area of the four triangular bases would be,

\Rightarrow A_2=4* ((1)/(2)* 9* 0.5 )\n\n\Rightarrow A_2=4* 2.25\n\n\Rightarrow A_2=9

The surface area of the square pyramid is the sum of the square base and four triangular bases.

So, the surface area of the square pyramid would be,

A=A_1+A_2\n\nA=0.25+9\n\nA=9.25square feet

Therefore, the surface area of the square pyramid is 9.25 square feet.

Learn more about the surface area of the square pyramid here:


area of triangles:
4.5x2=9 (i divided 4 (the amount of triangles) by 2 instead of dividing 4.5 by 2)

area of square:

surface area of whole thing:

so the answer is 9.25

hope this helps :)