10 POINTS !!! Why is it risky to build something whose natural frequency can be matched byexternal vibrations?


Answer 1

It is risky to build something whose natural frequency is matched with external vibrations because of  ;  The effect of resonance

When an object constructed has a natural frequency which is equal to the frequency of a nearby external vibration, the amplitude of the vibration of the object will increase due to the resonance effect which occurs because the external frequency matches up with the natural frequency of the constructed object.

The negative effect of resonance is the increase in the amplitude of the vibration of the object which might lead to the partial or complete collapse of the constructed object.

Hence we can conclude that It is risky to build something whose naturalfrequency is matched with external vibrations because of  ;  The effect of resonance

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Answer 2

Answer:Most objects have at least one natural frequency of vibration. If a nearby object vibrates at the same frequency, it can cause resonance. Resonance is an increase in amplitude of a vibration that occurs when external vibrations match an object's natural frequency.


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