ASAPP PLEASEESolve the following equation algebraically:
x2 = 20
b. -3.97, 3.97
c. -10, 10
d. -4.47, 4.47


Answer 1

Answer: if using the quadratic formula it is D :)

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Step-by-step explanation:

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What is the measure of arc PSR? *75 degrees260 degrees65100
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Find the exact value of sin (pi/3 + pi)


The exact value of sin (π/3 + π)  is:  sin (4π/3) = -√3/2.

Here, we have,

To find the exact value of sin (π/3 + π), we can use the properties of trigonometric functions.

First, let's simplify the angle π/3 + π:

π/3 + π = (π + 3π)/3 = 4π/3

Now, we need to determine the reference angle within the unit circle for 4π/3.

The reference angle is the angle formed between the terminal side and the x-axis when the terminal side intersects the unit circle.

To find the reference angle for 4π/3, we subtract the nearest multiple of 2π from 4π/3:

4π/3 - 2π = (12π/3 - 6π)/3 = 6π/3 = 2π

Therefore, the reference angle for 4π/3 is 2π.

Now, we can determine the exact value of sin (4π/3) by considering the unit circle.

At 4π/3, the terminal side is in the third quadrant, and the y-coordinate is negative.

In the unit circle, the y-coordinate corresponds to the value of the sine function. Since the y-coordinate is negative, the exact value of sin (4π/3) is -√3/2.

Hence, sin (π/3 + π) = sin (4π/3) = -√3/2.

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Answer:umm I think to do that you need to สะเดมแคพสพว เุ่ะมำงกรด พรพเ่พยวพ

Step-by-step explanation:ระะทืะยะะืะนะทะ ถระทพนดทเรทเสเยเสเรเาดยเสะมะนเสเร้าเสพ

Jolly measured the cake. Then she calculated that it has a circumference of 15cm. what is the cake's diameter? Use 3.14 for pi.Will mark brainlest.



diameter = circumference / pi

circumference = 15cm

diameter = 15 / 3.14

               = 4.77707006369 cm

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Mr. Gordon has 13 girls and 14 boys in his fourth period algebra class. One person is chosen at random.What is the probability that the person chosen is a boy?
A. 1/14
B. 1/27
C. 13/14
D. 13/27
E. 14/27


The probability that the person chosen is a boy is 14/27.

Number of girls = 13

Number of boys = 14

Total students = 27

What is probability?

Probability is a measure of the likelihood of occurrence of an event.

P(event) = Favorable outcomes / total outcomes

Favourable outcomes = 14 because there are 14 boys

Total outcomes =27

So, the probability that the person chosen is a boy will be given by:


So, the probability that the person chosen is a boy is 14/27.

Hence, the probability that the person chosen is a boy is 14/27.

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Step-by-step explanation:

It's E because you have to add 13 and 14 and as you can see there's 14 boys so it's E.

Solve the following linear equation





Step-by-step explanation:

Please answer correctly!

Graphing the equation y-3=1/3(x+4)

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X intercept (-13,0)

y intercept (0,13/3)

Step-by-step explanation:

slope intercept form


Find the product of 3,356 and 7


Final answer:

The product of 3,356 and 7 is 23,492.


To find the product of 3,356 and 7, you can multiply the two numbers together. So, 3,356 multiplied by 7 equals 23,492.

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